• By Susan Parker
  • Posted Friday, September 19, 2014

Attention Generous Community Members!

Did you know? Across North Carolina, approximately 12% of children are raised by grandparents and other relatives. Becoming a parent again unexpectedly is both financially and emotionally challenging.

Why do children live with relatives? Many times their parents are deceased, battling addictions, or living with mental health concerns that prohibit them from providing for the basic needs of their children.

Make a difference this holiday season by sharing your cheer with children who are living with relatives!

How can you help? Families are requesting assistance with basics. Some include clothing, shoes, and general household items, as well as other items that every child deserves. We ask sponsors to use the families’ “wish list” as a guide, purchasing and wrapping items for family members.

How do I get started? Contact Susan Parker at 336-703-3744 or send an email to coordinate your holiday service project.

Please see this flyer for more project process details.

Holiday assistance donations will be accepted from December 1 through December 12.

Supporting Children in Formal Foster Care

There is a difference between grandparent or other relative caregivers and foster parents. Relative caregivers are family members who provide care to a child in their family, but they've often made those arrangements without involving our agency.

Foster parents are trained and licensed by our agency and the state to parent children removed from neglectful or abusive homes by the court system. Foster parents receive monthly compensation and medical coverage to take care of the child's basic needs.

If you wish to support children in formal foster care for the holidays, you may contact:

Carolyn Thomas at 703-3706 (thomascj@forsyth.cc),or

Cassandra Williams at 703-3708 (williach@forsyth.cc).

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