• By April Bowman
  • Posted Tuesday, September 9, 2014

4-H Competitions at the NC State Fair

Youth may register to enter their crafts, photography or entomology exhibits in the NC State Fair, "October Original" now until September 19th.

Did you know that the NC State Fair has a special 4-H section? Youth that are members of 4-H may enter a variety of crafts, photographs, and/or entomology exhibits. If there is enough interest, Mrs. April will take everyone's entries to Raleigh for you and will pick them up afterwards. Mrs. April can also arrange to pick-up entries from the Dixie Classic Fair on Sunday evening in order to take them to Raleigh. Please email her at awbowman@ncsu.edu or call her at 703-2855 to arrange this.

Entry forms for the NC State Fair must be submitted by September 19th at 5 PM. Visit 2014 NC State Fair - 4-H Competition to enter. Click "Competition Rules" to see what classes (lots) are available. Then select "Register Online" to enter. You MUST select the 4-H Division and then enter 270-Forsyth for the Club name and then enter the proper lot number. The county with the most points from blue, red and white ribbons also earns prize money and wins the 4-H County Sweepstakes competition. You may not enter the fair booth competition as those counties that enter are pre-assigned. One 4-H club from Forsyth County may decorate a hay bale. If your club would like to be that club, please let Mrs. April know.

We hope to see lots of wonderful Forsyth County entries from our talented young people!

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