• By Felicia Lovett
  • Posted Friday, July 25, 2014

Parents, Beat the Back to School Rush

Children entering Kindergarten and those entering 6th grade need shots per NC Immunization Law. The kindergarteners need a Dtap, Polio and MMR after their 4th birthday and prior to entering school. Those entering 6th grade need a Tdap but it’s also a good time to receive the meningococcal vaccine which is expected to be required for 7th graders next year. Children should have their immunizations up to date on the first day of school and those who don’t by the 30th day will be suspended.

Immunizations are important to protect your children against diseases that can be life threatening. It’s also important to vaccinate your children to help protect those who can not be vaccinated. The diseases we vaccinate against still exist and the best protection is vaccination.

As the first day of school draws closer, the immunization clinic will get busier. The sooner you get your child vaccinated the less likely you are to have to wait. If you wait until after school starts, our immunization clinic and private provider offices become very busy! Children are out of school, so now’s the time to do it!

Come to Clinic 3 in the Forsyth County Dept of Public Health located at 799 N. Highland Avenue, Winston Salem, during the following hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30-3:45
  • Thursday 9:30-6:45
  • Friday 8:30-11:45

Children with no insurance or Medicaid pay no out of pocket fee for immunizations. We do not accept credit cards or file private insurance.

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