• By Margaret Adam
  • Posted Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chalk the Sidewalk at Walkertown Branch

The sidewalk and patio at Walkertown Branch will become one giant canvas for the community on Wednesday, August 6, at 11 am. All who love to draw, ages 8 to adult, are invited to help create a colorful mosaic walkway of creativity leading to the library door.

Make your mark, then watch the skies--how many days will it last before it rains again?

Imagine the overall effect of so much time, fun, and color--block upon block--brightening Walkertown and welcoming everyone coming to the library. These gray concrete squares await your special touch and unique ideas. You may collaborate with friends, do your own thing, or both.

Remember to wear or bring sunscreen. Bring cameras. Parents may wish to stay and lend a hand, or a folding chair, or a water bottle.

Wednesday, August 6, 11 am

Walkertown Branch Library

2969 Main St. Walkertown, NC 27051

Call (336) 703-2990 for more information.

Click here for driving directions.

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