• By Forsyth County Public Library
  • Posted Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summer Reading 2014: Teen's Preview

Teens--we have lots going on at our ten libraries just for you!

Every library will have a teen program this summer, and most have several. You can visit as many as you'd like, and explore each of the libraries while you're at it.

Do you enjoy making things? If so, then it sounds like a crafting program is just right for you. We've got programs that include making clay charms, duct tape bow ties/bow tie necklaces, recycled jar candles, robots, musical objects, mosaics, garden crafts, and Sharpie tie-dyed items.

Perhaps you like science and learning the whys of the world. You can find out how to survive a zombie attack, experiment with candy, learn how bouncy balls are made (and make one yourself!), build your own box air cannon, and more.

Or gaming is your favorite pastime? Why settle for one kind of gaming, when we have a bunch. Play Humans vs. Zombies, try Girl Gaming, explore tactile Angry Birds Catapults, Super Mario and Sonic Mega+ on the Wii, as well as PS2 and XBox games. You can try board games--old favorites and new ones. It's also a great way to make new friends--or toughest competitors.

What's that--you're hungry? Lots of our programs serve food, but we also have a Forensics Feast for your gustatory pleasure. Dare you try that food? It's harmless--really! REALLY!

We're also bringing in special performers and presenters. Wake Forest University's Museum of Anthropology has developed their first teen program, and several libraries will have it. Peppercorn Theatre will do a teen drama/improv workshop just for you. Local teen grunge band Chaos will be back this summer. If you want to try writing a book, learn from former YA book editor Sarah Jae Jones. MonkeyHooper will show you how to make your own hula hoop--and it's free for you! Mad Science will help you perform experiments. You'll be learning the ways of the economy with ReBuildUp, using polymer clay with Theodora Drazdowski, and trying pointilism with artist Dot Duggins. There's even a NASA-led workshop on rockets!

You can even be a performer yourself at Open Mic Nights. It's not a competition, just a great way to showcase your abilities, and there's one each month just for teens.

There are movies based on classic books, Sci Fi movie marathons, and we'll end it all with a Doctor Who finale party, as well as parties at each branch library.

Oh, and of course we have lots of great books to read. Let's see, there are paper books, audiobooks on CD and Playaway (great for summer driving trips!), eBooks, and e-audiobooks, all free through the library. Participate in the summer reading program, and you may win a prize, too!

Come in and ask what we've got for teens--you can see that it's a lot!

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