• By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2013 Civilian Staff Member of the Year

In 2013, the FCSO experienced staff shortages in Fiscal Management. Steve Ragan became the cornerstone in this area and volunteered to take on added responsibility. Not only has Mr. Ragan managed daily activates, trained new personnel and ensured budgetary needs were met, he has also learned the grant process and its required reporting structure. He has worked many long nights and postponed scheduled time off to ensure the needs of the FCSO were met. Mr. Ragan was chosen as Staff member of the Month for June 2013. Below is an excerpt from his nomination.

“June is the final month of the budget year and there are often a number of last minute projects and questions. Steve Ragan’s position requires him to work with staff from every division of the FCSO on financial matters that are often critical and time sensitive. He takes on responsibilities not only with professionalism, but also with a positive attitude and a willingness to explain budgetary issues. Mr. Ragan’s willingness to go the extra mile has not gone unnoticed.

Mr. Ragan is patient with all staff members no matter their rank or position. He goes the extra mile to ensure customer service and he is never too busy to help with a problem or answer a question. Every staff person that interacts with Mr. Ragan has nothing but positive comments for the way he does his job and the way that he deals with them. Congratulations Steve!”

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