• By N.Tuchina
  • Posted Friday, September 13, 2013

Social Networking: Learn and Get Value out of Social Media Tuesday 9/17 in Walkertown

Social Media Communications for everyone

Social media are the newest of communication tools available to us. The benefits of social media are different than email, telephone, fax or text. When we understand how to use these new communication tools for career, business, community and life, we will get more value out of our use of them.

This one hour seminar will introduce you to Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We will share with you the importance of:

Your Profiles
Your Settings
Making good connections
Being Relevant

The Safety Net Verdict - "Never do, say or engage on social media in any way you don't want to be seen, heard or perceived in life."

Teddy Burriss is a renowned Social Media Sherpa and Networking Strategist. Working for Burriss Consulting, Inc., Teddy teaches "Networking for Mutual Benefit" and "Building Relationships through Social Media." Teddy is an accomplished author (his latest book - Networking for Mutual Benefit), public speaker, avid social media engager and blogger. Teddy is a proven authority of the principles and practices of social media for business. As a Certified Career Transition Coach, Teddy provides outplacement services and coaching for our friends and family in career transition.

Walkertown Branch Library Auditorium

Tuesday, September 17th, at 7-8 pm

2969 Main St Walkertown NC 27051

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