• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Thursday, August 8, 2013

Looking for a new storytime experience for your child? Try our interactive Music & Movement program.

On any given Tuesday morning at 11 am in the Central Library Auditorium you will hear the sounds and see the sights of Music & Movement , a thirty minute high-energy, interactive fun filled time for children. What’s makes Music & Movement unique is that it’s also designed for parents and caregivers. At any given time parents and children alike can be doing the Hokey Pokey one minute and shaking maracas the next. Including parents and caregivers in the activities provides a great bonding experience for parents and their children, especially if the child is younger.

Music & Movement has not only proved a hit with children but also with parents who have shared information about the program with other parents of small children through social media and word of mouth endorsements. Attendance at Music & Movement programs has exploded as a result of this parent’s network with upwards of 100 people attending some weeks. Attendance has grown so much that starting September 13th a second Music & Movement program will be offered on Friday morning at 11 am at Central Library.

The active nature of Music & Movement lets everyone participate on their own level. All of the songs are in a frequent rotation, giving young children a chance to learn them through the repetition they crave, allowing parents the opportunity to repeat the songs at home, thereby enhancing and extending the learning process. For parents it’s also the opportunity to participate in their child’s activities instead of sitting in a chair waiting for a program to end.

Music & Movement is also offered at the following Branch locations:

Carver School Road--10:00 am Thursdays

Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center--10:30 am Fridays

Walkertown--10:30 am Thursdays

Call 703-3040 for more information about Music & Movement and other Children’s programs.

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