• By N.Tuchina
  • Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vampire Talk in Walkertown Tuesday, June 11 @6:30

Vampires aren’t real… right? If they were, Madeline and Marissa Owen would certainly be suspects: bone-white and night-loving—with a proclivity for super-rare steaks—the identical twins are poster-girls for the undead.

As if looking like teen-aged vampires didn’t cause enough drama, trouble erupts into their lives following a disastrous street fight and a brush with the law by Madeline's sister. The girls are forced to move from the diverse city of Austin, Texas to the quaint township of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania—a move clearly designed to bore the aggressive, MMA-fighter Marissa into an early grave.

However, their new lives prove to be anything but boring, as a series of shocking upheavals, unearthed lies, and outright dangers keep them thinking... and running for their lives. Ancient books, coded manuscripts, and evil enemies emerge, challenging the unique skills and inner-strengths of the girls—but can even all of this chaos prepare them for the arrival of real vampires?

Facing threats from multiple quarters, the girls must rely on each other to keep ahead of the rising storm… or be swept away by it.

Mr. Graves is a Winston Salem-based author and college professor. He will talk about his experiences with writing, self-publishing, and building an author platform on social media. He will also discuss the craft of writing--learned the hard way--and give selected readings, including excerpts from Blood Roses and his forthcoming novel Morning Stars.

Walkertown Library Auditorium

Tuesday, June 11, 6:30 pm

Free. Call 336-703-2990 for more information.

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