• By James Griffin
  • Posted Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Outdoor Electrical Safety

Outside Electrical Work
Have a qualified electrician do all electrical work to ensure safety. To prevent an electrical shock, make sure all your outside electrical receptacles are GFCI( ground fault circuit interrupter) protected

Equipment Safety

  • Use lighting and power tool that have the label of an independent test laboratory and make sure they are made for outdoor use
  • Store your electrical tools indoors
  • Keep electrical tools away from children
  • Keep the area around your electric meter and other electrical equipment clear
  • Check lighting and extension cords for damage before using. Replace any damage cords right away
  • Use extension cords that have the label of an independent testing laboratory and are marked for outdoor use
  • Extension cords are NOT intended for long time use

Important Reminder
Call “Before you Dig” (8-1-1) before and digging on your property. They will mark where your underground utilities are located. It’s a free service!

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