• By Janis Fox
  • Posted Saturday, March 2, 2013

Teen Tech Week: Check in @ Your Library!

We're celebrating Teen Tech Week on March 10-16 with the theme "Check In @ your Library."

Every library branch in the county will have a teen program during the week, with one every day at Teen Central.

These are the programs being offered:

Monday: March 11th:
3 p.m. @ Teen Central: Digital Magazine Test Drive

Tuesday: March 12th:
3:30 @ Reynolda: Teen Gaming
4 p.m. @ Clemmons: Vlogging Workshop for Teens
4 p.m. @ Kernersville: Wii Time for Teens
4 p.m. @ Teen Central: Tech Movie Marathon
4:30 @ Lewisville: Teen Genes Genealogy

Wednesday: March 13th:
4:00 @ Walkertown:Teen Tech Mash Up
4:30 @ Teen Central: Tech Crime: Staying Safe (with Sheriff Huey)

Thursday: March 14th:
3:30 @ Rural Hall: Tech Movie
4:30 @ Carver: Teen Gaming Tournament
4:30 @ Teen Central: Pi Day Party

Friday: March 15th:
3:30 @ East Winston: Teen Tech Petting Zoo
3:30 @ Southside: Teen Gaming Café
4:30 @ Teen Central: Cheat with Friends (Scrabble with a Tech Twist)

Saturday: March 16th:
1 p.m. @ Teen Central: Video Game Contests

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