• By N.Tuchina
  • Posted Monday, February 18, 2013

Susan Lautemann: Art Show at Walkertown Library

Walkertown Library presents a Show of original oil paintings by Susan Lautemann "Respite: The Condition of being comfortable".

Susan's paintings give us a break, a pause from work world into the peacefulness of nature. Color, value, light and shadow all go together to make a painting.

"I aspire to create oil paintings that are beautiful and thoughtful for myself and others. What I like about painting is being alone with the paint, canvas and ideas and losing myself in the process. Working out the problems and finding the joy of the painting is the thing. I get a kick out of taking classes too and being with other artists and teachers who are sharing what they know and don't know along with me. I like the tactile process of the paint, the thinner, brushes and canvas and making something out of a blank canvas. Sometimes they turn out well and sometimes they go in a pile to paint over. The process is as important as the result. A very zen way of saying that the journey is the important part of paintings and life too".

"I wish I had come to painting earlier in my life and in thinking about the last third of my life, I know that although I will stop working at some point as a psychotherapist, my children will have their own children; and life will change in indescribable ways, I will still paint." says the artist.

Susan Lautemann is a painter, counselor, mom and wife living in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Beginning just five years ago, she has painted more than 150 oil paintings that are hanging in exhbits, restaurants, shows, libraries, galleries and homes. Traveling often, Susan paints from her travel photos as well as plein aire.

Her paintings are colorful with bold brushstrokes and are landscapes, still lifes and more lately portraits. She was recently featured in The Winston Salem Journal and will be in a video soon along with other local artists. Susan is a member of Associated Artist of Winston Salem, Muddy River Art Association, Mooresville Art Guild and Yadkinville Art Association.

She is a lifelong learner taking lessons from other artists and attempting new subjects. Susan lives with her husband George and delights in their children and grandchildren.

Stop by Walkertown Branch library to enjoy the art and pause into a peacefulness of nature. The art works are on display through the end of March and are available for purchase.

Call 336-703-2990 for more information.

To learn more about the artist click here.

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