• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Under The Radar Christmas Films

As the holidays fast approach who among us will not sit down at least once to watch one of the traditional Christmas movies that have become as common as a turkey dinner and tinsel on the tree.

There's no denying that "It's A Wonderful Life," "Miracle on 34th Street," and even "The Polar Express" are films that will be shown many times this season. But what of the lesser known titles when it comes to holiday movies?

In deference to other films with holiday themes, we offer a partial list of some of the movies that fly under the yuletide radar.

What are some of your favorite "under the radar" Christmas movies? Send your suggestions to web editor by December 15th and we'll share them on our web page.

All movies can be found in our collection.

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