• By Jason Slayton
  • Posted Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dial-A-Story Reads The Kids A Story When You Can't

Have you read every book in the house to your child? Is your child eager to hear something new?

Of course you already know that the library boasts an incredible collection of books that your child will beg you to read over and over again, but did you know about Dial-A-Story?

Dial-A-Story is a free service that is available 24/7. All you have to do is dial 336-766-7999, and then sit back and let your child enjoy a story. The story changes every week...whether it is about a boy that never takes a bath, a donkey that longed to become a musician, or a swan that believes he is a duck…your child will be sure to have a great listening experience!

The Dial-A-Story collection maintains well over 100 stories, so you child will always get an opportunity to hear a brand new story each week.

Call the Dial-A-Story service today at 336-766-7999!

For more information, please email Jason Slayton.

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