• By April Bowman
  • Posted Thursday, June 21, 2012

4-H Members Win Honors

Thirty-three Forsyth County 4-H members attended the annual 4-H District Activity Day in Granville County on Tuesday, June 19th to compete for medals and prizes. Events included the inaugural North Central District 4-H Clothing competition, 4-H Entertains exhibition and 4-H presentation competition.

Nathan Barrick, North Central District Vice-President lead the 4-H pledge and adjourned the awards ceremony after helping to pass out the medals and recognize the winners. The Acoustic Band was also selected to perform during the awards ceremony for entertainment.

Seth Barrick, provided the sound for the event, including the awards ceremony and the 4-H Entertains exhibition and the music for the 4-H clothing competition and modeling. A big thank you to him for all of his hard work and the donation of his time.

Click here to view the winners.

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