• By Joseph Sloop
  • Posted Friday, June 8, 2012

New Forsyth Sales Application Available

The Forsyth County Tax Office, MapForsyth, and Forsyth County MIS Office teamed up to create a new Sales Application. The purpose of the Sales Application is to enable both the general public and real estate professionals easy access to all real estate transactions in Forsyth County. Transaction information can be selected based on several criteria and can be viewed geographically while providing easy access to property specific Forsyth County Tax information.

The database contains every Qualified and Disqualified Sale in the County. It may not include transfers for corrections or non-deed transactions. Qualified sales are based upon a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction. Disqualifications are based upon the State’s rules established for the State Sales Ratio. Each qualified sale is attached to a unique sale record that freezes all of the information for that record to the conditions at the time of sale. If there are multiple sales on the parcel, there will be multiple sale records.

The Sales Application also allows users to link to geographic information systems (GIS) maps such as: Geo-Data Explorer. The Sales Application allows users to search for specific properties, print, and export search results.

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