• By April Bowman
  • Posted Monday, May 21, 2012

4-H Talent Show

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Forsyth County Center held their annual 4-H Talent Show on Tuesday, May 1st in the County Agricultural Building. There were 25 performing acts, five fashion entries, and 61 non-performing talent and art. The talent of our young people is simply amazing! The overall winners were the CIA Acoustic Band which is made up of Alex and Hope Arrowood, Nathan and Seth Barrick, Lindsey and Sidney Hooker, Katie and Tori Jones, Andrew and David Allen Pledger, Carlee and Neil Tesh performing “A Tribute to Chicken Bob”. Second went to Josiah Gourley performing “The River Flows in You” and third to Brandon Joyce who played an emotional version of “Canon in D/Give Thanks” on the piano. Good luck to them as they perform in 4-H Entertains at District Activity Day on Tuesday, June 19th in Granville County.

  • Youth that sewed articles included:
  • Emily Bohanon, dress
  • Hope Arrowood, top
  • Laura Hutchins, dress
  • Hannah Troutman, top
  • Allison Wise, dress

Emily, Laura and Allison will also get to advance to the district fashion revue competition in June.

  • Additional youth that performed in the talent show included:
  • Alex Arrowood, "Stereo Hearts"
  • Hope Arrowood, "YMCA"
  • Hope Arrowood, "Hold Me"
  • Nathan and Seth Barrick and Ben Seats Rag-time Band
  • Lauryn Coffman, "Sakura”
  • Reed Coffman, "Mr. Nobody"
  • Evan Crews and David Winemiller "Pepsi vs. Coke"
  • Josiah Gourley, “The River Flows in You”
  • Lexi Grimm, “Temporary Home”
  • The CIA Cloverbuds, "Braham's Lullaby"
  • Elli Jones
  • Stephen Pledger
  • Benjamin Romine
  • Gabriel Tesh
  • Jacob Tesh
  • Mary Frances Tesh
  • Pierce Tes
  • Austyn, Brandon & Justyn Joyce, “Portal”
  • Brandon Joyce, "Canon in D/Give Thanks"
  • Nathan Mullis, "Born Again"
  • Nathan Mullis, "Stereo Hearts"
  • Andrew Pledger, "Onward Christian Soldiers"
  • David Allen Pledger, "When the Saints Go Marching In"
  • Benjamin Romine, "Lightly Row"
  • Benjamin Romine, "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"
  • Allison Wise, "Turkish March"
  • Austin Wise, "Alouette"
  • Grant Wise, "Sonatina OP. 55, No. 3"
  • Emily Bohanon, “Packington’s Pound”
  • Natalie Bohanon, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”
  • Youth that participated in the non-performing arts included:
  • Luke Arrowood
  • Evan Crews
  • Emma Fulp
  • Lilyrose Gourley
  • Stephen Pledger
  • Hannah Troutman
  • David Winemiller
  • Jadyn Hooker
  • Brynna Phagan
  • Abi Reynolds
  • Alex Arrowood
  • Melanie Crews
  • Lexi Grimm
  • Austyn Joyce
  • Austin Wise
  • Bailee Phagan
  • Andrew Pledger
  • Hope Arrowood
  • Destiny Eller
  • Blaise Gourley
  • Sidney Hooker
  • Grant Wise
  • Samuel Barrick
  • Brandon Phagan
  • David Allen Pledger
  • Hannah Reynolds
  • Josiah Gourley
  • Brody Grimm
  • Katie Winemiller
  • Lindsey Hooker
  • Laura Hutchins
  • Justyn Joyce
  • Brian Phagan
  • Allison Wise
  • Nathan Barrick
  • Hosanna Gourley
  • Brandon Joyce

To view a slide show of pictures visit: "picasaweb.google.com

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