• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Online Database Keeps You Rolling Down The Highway

For the average family budget every penny counts, with any unexpected bills along the way making it even more difficult to make "ends meet" at the end of the month. Experiencing unexpected costly vehicle repair bills should be less of a worry when you use Auto Repair Reference Center, our online database that's available for free with your library card.

With Auto Repair Reference Center you will enjoy step-by-step repair oriented information for all areas of your car. Just browse the keyword search feature to find the repair topic of interest to you. There are also technical service bulletins, issued by the manufacturer, that includes news of any vehicle recalls. You'll also get diagrams that provide details of everything on your vehicle from the air conditioning to wiper blades. There is also recommended maintenance intervals for your car based on mileage and the severity of driving conditions. Finally there is vehicle specification information, a chart that gives you recommended times for repairs. There's even diagnostic information for more advanced maintenance and repairs.

Give Auto Repair and Reference Center a spin. Both you and your vehicle will be glad you did. To learn more visit our online resources page.

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