• By Matt Smith
  • Posted Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free Dog Training for Animal Shelter Adopters

The Stay Together program is a free 4 week training program offered to people who adopt a dog or puppy from the Forsyth County Animal Shelter. This program will help you with the transition and responsibility of bringing your adopted dog into your home and teach you the benefits of training your new dog to become a well-behaved, active member of your family and your community. Classes are taught at the shelter by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Classes will get you started with hands-on teaching of your dog to respond to his name, sit on request, lie down on a mat, meet people politely, walk nicely on leash and come when called at your cue.

This program uses positive, reward-based training instead of correction-based methods and is fun for you and your dog! In this type of training, two-way communication is established, mutual trust becomes strong, and the person gets to know the dog as an individual in order to help him reach his potential.

For more information, contact Melissa Legere at m@dogtales.net.

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