• By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Monday, September 26, 2011

K-9 Handler Course Graduates

On August 26th, Corporal J. B. Hall, Deputy M. E. Faw, and Deputy D. A. Deweese graduated from a five week multipurpose K-9 handler course at K2 K9 Training Solutions training center in Jackson Springs, N.C.

During the courses, handlers were taught how to properly maintain and deploy their canine in the community. Each team was constantly challenged and evaluated each week on the progress they made. In addition, the handlers were taught first aid and emergency care for their canine partners as well as legal issues surrounding the use of canines in a law enforcement mission.

Upon completion of the five week course, handlers had to pass a written test as well as a practical examination where they demonstrated their ability to successfully deploy their canine partner in the following areas: Obedience, agility, tracking, narcotic detection, bite work, building searches, area searches and article searches.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has a total of ten Deputy/K-9 teams. Mandated training of four hours per week is required for Deputies to keep K-9 handler certification. These teams are extremely dedicated to their work specializing in bomb detection, narcotics, apprehension and search missions.

K9 Graduates

Pictured left to right: Deputy Deweese & Hummer, Deputy Faw & Benny, Corporal Hall & Zino

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