• By Terri Bonow, Theodora M. Drozdowski
  • Posted Friday, September 16, 2011


You hold a finished book in your hand, but do you ever wonder about the creative human interactions that take an idea from an imaginative spark to the final product?

Journey through the process that took The Road to Devotion from author Cameron Kent’s imagination to the book we’re reading for On The Same Page 2011. Cameron Kent, his editor and publisher Kevin Watson of Press 53 and local artist Benita Van Winkle will explain the process in a panel discussion of chances, choices, collaboration, and creative inspiration that shape a book. Get insights into the process of how a book comes into existence and enjoy the human interaction between creative professionals who enjoy working together and respect each other’s work.

You will laugh, you’ll learn things about the book that didn’t make it to publication, and you’ll have a chance to ask the panel about anything that intrigues you about the book and the creative publishing process. Join us at Central Library for this keynote event for On The Same Page.

Saturday, September 24th at 1:00 pm
Central Library Auditorium

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