• By Natalia Tuchina
  • Posted Monday, June 20, 2011

The Work of Visual Artist Stan Gilliam

Symmetry is one of the fundamental principles of good design. It is found throughout nature, and contributes greatly to our perception of beauty in natural things. Artists have employed symmetry in many ways over the centuries to achieve balance, harmony, and continuity in forms ranging from large-scale architecture and symphonies to small-scale inventions such as sonnets and jewelry.

The artist refers to the photographs in his exhibit as “Symmetries.” They were created by taking sections from ordinary photographs and treating them with various kinds of repetition and inversion, somewhat as in a kaleidoscope. Visit the exhibit and discover intriguing faces, figures, and even animals.

A resident of Guilford County, Stan Gilliam has experience with drawing, painting, filmmaking, cartooning, illustrating children’s books, calligraphy, exhibit design, photography (darkroom and digital), silkscreen, and sculpture.

Visit the artist’s website at www.stangilliam.com

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