• By Teresa Bryant
  • Posted Monday, June 20, 2011

Attention Generous Community Members!

The Relatives as Parents Program, “RAPP”, seeks your support in providing school supplies to children who live with their grandparents and other relatives. Why do these children need your help? These families need help because unexpectedly parenting someone else’s child is challenging. Discrepancies in resources for relative caregivers increase stress during harsh economic times like now. “RAPP” strives to “fill the gaps” in meeting the needs of relative caregivers and their families by supporting them with special projects such as “Back to School”.

Your participation is vital to support these “relative” children! Help us reach beyond the 233 children sponsored last year with out 6th annual “Back to School” project! The Relatives as Parents Program is a part of the Forsyth County Department of Social Services’ Family & Children’s Division.

Who are some relative caregivers in our community?

  • A grandmother {age 63} raising her 17 year old grandson.
  • A grandmother {age 55} raising her 10 year old grand daughter.
  • An Aunt {age 42} raising her 6 year old nephew.
  • A great grandmother {age 72} and great grandfather {age 74} raising their 7- year-old grand daughter
  • An Aunt {age 44} raising her 7 year old nephew and caregiving to her own parent.
  • A grandmother (age 85) & grandfather (age 87) raising their fourteen year old grandson.

Your group or organization can organize a Community Service Project:

Email Teresa Bryant today at call her at (336) 703-3744 to organize your community service project.

Download a Flyer with Complete Details

How to Get Started

  1. Group calls in and advises RAPP Coordinator, Teresa Bryant. Your group will be collecting school supplies for RAPP.
  2. Collect or purchase items you wish to share.
  3. Let us know upfront if delivery is an option from your team. Deliver items to FC Department of Social Services by Friday, August 12th at 12 noon. Our preference is sooner than August 12th if that fits your group schedule.
  4. RAPP takes your supply gift items and fills the orders for RAPP families. RAPP staff delivers or arranges pickup by all families between August 8-22nd.
  5. Formal thank you's & volunteer hour forms {if needed} are mailed to the sponsor directly from RAPP at the completion of the “Back to School” Project, to be received around Labor Day.

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