• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Wednesday, April 20, 2011

World War II On Film

The Walkertown Branch Library is proud to announce the screening of two excellent documentary films from World War II, If they Could See Us Now: The Story of Charlotte’s 38th Evacuation Hospital and How I Survived World War II by award winning and Emmy nominated filmmaker Chris Hudson.

Combat didn't belong to just soldiers and officers during World War II. Many WWII veterans never picked up a rifle, flew a B-17 Bomber, captured a Nazi or Japanese soldier or killed another human being. Many worked behind the scenes saving lives instead of taking them.

If they Could See Us Now is a documentary about Charlotte's 38th Evacuation Hospital during World War II. This film tells the amazing story of doctors and nurses from Charlotte, NC joining the war effort and going overseas to help support troops battling the Axis powers.

From storming the beaches in North Africa during Operation Torch, to setting up camp and taking care of countless casualties at Anzio, the 38th Evacuation Hospital started from a simple idea at a lawn party in Charlotte to becoming internationally known in magazines such as Time and Life.

Shot in High Definition, this documentary contains interviews of 38th doctors and nurses, and photos and film footage of the unit in action. In addition, the film contains a special foreword by legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

The Emmy Nominated and Silver Telly Award Winning How I Survived World War II is a documentary film is based on over 120 oral histories collected by WTVI and the Charlotte Rotary Club. Narrated by Dan Morrill of the University of North Carolina Charlotte, this epic tells the personal stories of American and German soldiers and civilians, and takes you around the world, from Charlotte, NC to Europe, Burma, and the Pacific Theatre.

For more information call 336 703-3019

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