• By Christina Lewis
  • Posted Friday, March 11, 2011

International Dance Exhibition

Come out and enjoy a celebration of International dances from cultures throughout the world. A few of the dances scheduled for demonstration include fusion and traditional dances from Polynesia, Brazilian, American, Persian, Balinese, Egyptian Folkloric, Indian, Khaligi, Pop and Latin. There will also be demonstrations of Belly Dancing and a Sword Dance.

The exhibition will be presented by Samra’s International Dance Extravaganza. Samra has dedicated over 15 years to the study of multi-cultural dances with the greatest masters around the world. She has taught workshops and performed across the USA and worldwide. She has also traveled to Europe, Mexico, South America, Canada, Egypt, and Asia for immersion in their cultures and to learn more about their dances. She has organized and led dance retreats in Bali and will be leading others at other locations in the near future.

Her specialties are Middle Eastern, Latin, and Polynesian dances, as well as her continued study of other ethnic styles. Samra's performances are enhanced by her passion for interpreting dances of other cultures, her technical skills, and use of authentic costumes and music.

For more information, visit her website.

This program and others in the Read Around the World series are sponsored by the Cultural Diversity Committee and the Hispanic League.

Sunday, March 20
Central Library Auditorium at 3:00 pm

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