• By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Monday, February 21, 2011

Staff Members of the Year 2010

Sworn Staff

Deputy J. L. Koontz - Patrol

Portia WalkerDeputy Koontz formed a friendship with a North Davidson High School senior and agreed to assist him with his senior project. The project chosen was an in depth look at the training and daily duties of a law enforcement K9 Officer. Deputy Koontz helped the student select the proper dog in which to train with.

An animal from a local shelter was adopted and the training began. The high school student trained regularly with Deputy Koontz and other members of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. Because of the dedication of Deputy Koontz and other Officers, the student now has a great desire to continue in the field of Law Enforcement. He has applied and been accepted into a Criminal Justice Program. This commitment to the public reflects well upon Deputy Koontz and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Koontz and his K-9 partner Hero have been credited with the discovery of large sums of illegal drugs and money. In addition to the excellent job that Deputy Koontz does, he has also displayed compassion to help young people in the community. Deputy J. l. Koontz has served with the Sheriff’s Office for 7 years. He is currently assigned to the Field Services Division and serves as a K-9 Officer. Congratulations Deputy Koontz!

Detention Staff

Corporal W. Bright - Detention-Intake

Portia WalkerOn Thursday, August 19th, Cpl. Bright was inventorying property of a new inmate that was being received into the LEDC. A manila envelope containing jewelry was included in the inmate’s property. Cpl. Bright began to inventory the jewelry, and noticed two 2006 ACC Champion rings from Wake Forest University. She checked the inside of the rings and discovered they were inscribed with the names of WFU basketball players.

Cpl. Bright advised her commanding officer about the discovery. After a thorough investigation, it was determined the rings were authentic and had been stolen. The rings were turned over to Criminal Investigations for further process. Cpl. Bright’s attention to detail is commended, as well as her willingness to take the extra effort to check into the incident. Congratulations Cpl. Bright!

Civilian Staff

Portia Walker - Day Reporting Center

Portia WalkerPortia Walker has been a member of the Day Reporting Center (DRC) team since 1996. Portia recognized that many of our clients were illiterate or were functioning on a low reading level. These issues were far beyond the help of G.E.D. classes provided by the DRC.

Portia volunteered to attend literacy training provided by a local program sponsored by the United Way in order to help clients learn to read. She has since completed this training and has begun tutoring clients weekly. Portia recognized a problem and took action to enhance the lives of the clients the DRC serves. Congratulations Portia!

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