• By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Help for Needy Familiies

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputies adopted four needy families and donated money to Crisis Control Ministries during the Christmas season. On November 10th, a Deputy was dispatched to investigate a reported child neglect call. After leaving the call, he informed supervision that while the situation was sad, there was no neglect going on. The Deputy personally purchased groceries for the family, and unknowingly sparked each Patrol Platoon to “adopt” a family for Christmas.

Adam Platoon collected and donated money to Crisis Control Ministries (CCM) of Kernersville. The Crisis Control Ministry is a Christian based ministry whose mission is to assist people in crisis to meet essential life needs and to help in becoming self-sufficient. The ministry helps with utility and housing payments and also provides food from the ministry food pantry. The ministry also assists residents of Forsyth and Stokes Counties who cannot afford their prescription medications. Kathy Hoffner from CCM e-mailed , “The Kernersville office had a suprise visit from Santa Sheriffs! Thank you to the Adam Platoon for your gift to CCM today! Recently we found a very special prayer request from one of our clients in our prayer request box. She asked for special prayer for your office as you work to keep us safe all year. Thank you to the Forsyth Co Sherif's dept for the work you do for us! May God bless you and keep you safe!”

Baker Platoon located a single mother and her eleven year old son living in a homeless shelter. They purchased clothing items, toiletries and toys. The mother was very appreciative, as was the staff at the shelter. “It was a worthwhile endeavor and one that I hope we can continue in the years to come,” commented Lieutenant Swaim and the Baker Platoon.

Charlie Platoon collected food, money, clothes, toys and gift cards to help a family affected by Domestic Violence. Each member of the family showed true thankfulness and was overjoyed with the items they received. Lieutenant Cliff Kilby commented, “It is not that we delivered goods that is important. We all felt good from giving to ones that needed it and were thankful to receive it.”

David Platoon was so touched by one of their own buying groceries for the needy family, they decided to adopt them for Christmas. The mother was very excited when she was informed of the decision. She had recently lost her job and her teenage son could only find part time work. The mother said that it was going to be impossible for her daughter to have anything for Christmas as the facts of life had dealt her a heavy blow. Food, toys, clothing, kitchen utensils, gift cards, blankets and other items were collected and were delivered on December 24th.

The Civil Division was contacted by a mother with three children. The Civil Division quickly began collecting money. Deputies purchased toys and also gave money to help buy other items the family desperately needed. The gifts were delivered on December 24th to the family. Each of the children and the mother were very thankful.

Sheriff William T. Schatzman said he is very proud of his deputies. “They have the true spirit of Christmas. This is exactly how law enforcement should be. They don’t just patrol the community, they are invested in the community. They truly care about the people they are serving.”

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