• By Fam Brownlee, NC Room
  • Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elizabeth Thalhimer Smartt Writes about the Legendary Stores

Finding Thalhimers traces the author’s obsessive quest to find the true story of her father’s family and their beloved department store. Author Elizabeth Thalhimer Smartt is coming to Central Library this Sunday to discuss her book.

Riveting and poignant, this multigenerational narrative weaves together history, biography, and memoir into an unforgettable portrait of an ambitious American retail family.

Guided by unwavering principles and visionary leadership, the Thalhimers store watched American history unfold, from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement, from the arrival of ready-to-wear fashions to the rise of “big box” stores. Five generations of Thalhimers grew the business from a modest dry goods shop into a 26-store chain. When the author reached the age of 16, the empire began to crumble when her father lost his job and the store became Hechts, and now Macys. The wrecking ball hit Thalhimers’ headquarters on her grandfather’s 90th birthday, striking an emotional chord for the author and her family.

Intertwining a genealogical treasure hunt with a powerful and unusual family history, Finding Thalhimers tells a true story both celebratory and bittersweet. Its words packed with every ounce of the author’s passion for carrying on her family’s legacy, this is a book to be embraced and treasured as much as the Thalhimers store once was.

For more information, visit this website: http://findingthalhimers.com/

Central Library
Sunday, November 14th at 2:00 pm

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