• By Theodora M. Drozdowski
  • Posted Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get On The Same Page with the Southside Book Club

Southside’s book club is reading The Maltese Falcon as part of the Library’s On The Same Page program. We’ll meet at 6:00 pm on October 11th to talk through The Maltese Falcon and its inimitable characters and intricate plot. Anyone who’d like to discuss Dashiell Hammett’s book is welcome to join us. Refreshments will be served, and if you need a copy of The Maltese Falcon, contact the library.

Around 7:30 pm when we finish the book discussion, we’ll watch After The Thin Man, the second in the series of comic Nick and Nora Charles detective movies from the 1930’s based on Dashiell Hammett’s later books. Note that we say comedy—the Thin Man books and movies feature a distinctly lighter and zanier side than the darker, hard-boiled Maltese Falcon. William Powell and Myrna Loy in the comic leads are one of film’s classic pairings, and are the heart of a movie that never shows its age. And if you’ve ever heard of a terrier named Asta, you’ll meet him here. After The Thin Man premiered in 1936, and runs about 112 minutes. For more information about the movie, visit Turner Classic Movies online.

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