• By Candace Brennan
  • Posted Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Murder in the Garden with The Wild Gardener, Peter Loewer

Murder in the Garden: Peter Loewer reviews movies for National Public Radio in Asheville and over the years has gathered a great deal of information on the connection between movie monsters and flowers, plus all those plants used by mystery writers to dispatch their victims. In this program, Mr. Loewer takes a lighthearted look at this popular corner of culture that he illustrates with eighty slides.

Peter Loewer has written over thirty books on gardening and natural history, including the award-winning The Wild Gardener and Thoreau's Garden. He is also a well-known and honored botanical illustrator. Mr. Loewer lives in Asheville and gardens on the shores of Lake Kenilworth, working on an acre of land featuring natural trails and a formal perennial garden. Many of the rare and more unusual plants in his garden are grown from seed, usually supplied by membership in the American Rock Garden Society, the Royal Horticultural Society in London, and from trading with other gardeners.

Last year Timber Press re-released his classic book on night-blooming and night-fragrant plants, The Evening Garden. His latest books are Native Perennials for the Southeast, North Carolina Gardens, and Loves Me, Loves Me Not. He hosts a radio show on Public Radio in North Carolina called "The Wild Gardener" and is the Contributing Editor to the magazine, Carolina Gardener.

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