• By Wendi Hartup
  • Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010

Third Annual Pawpaw Festival a Success!

The Third Annual Pawpaw Festival was held at the Dixie Classic Farmers Market on September 4th. About 600 citizens came out to celebrate this unusual and delicious native fruit. A Pawpaw tastes like something between a banana and a mango, with about 20 flavor stops in between.

Patrons were treated to ice cream, cookies, breads and even a ham spread all with pawpaw fruits used in the ingredients. Derek Morris and Craig Mauney, Forsyth County Cooperative Extension, Master Gardener Volunteers and local growers answered questions. A plentitude of free information pamphlets were made available from how to grow Pawpaws to nutritional benefits of Pawpaws. Participants were offered Pawpaw seeds for growing their own trees or they could purchase 2-3 year old trees as well. Forsyth County Master Gardeners helped serve delicious treats and answer questions as well.

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