• By Jane Cole
  • Posted Thursday, August 5, 2010

MIS Receives NACo Digital Award

It is my pleasure to announce our MIS Department has been chosen by NACo, from applicants all over the nation, to receive a Digital Counties Survey Award in the population category of 250,000 - 499,999.

MIS has reduced its staff, mostly by attrition, from 69 positions to 60 over the last two years. The overall effect to the user departments has been minimal. The result of these efforts has reduced the IT annual budget by almost one million dollars over the last three years.

Technologies that have made a significant impact over the last five to seven years are Virtual Servers, Voice over IP Phone System, Storage Area Network, Remote PC Management, and Power Management for Personal Computers. The benefits of these strategic directives has resulted in reduced staffing, reduced implementation time, reduced environmental impact and additional safeguards on the County’s growing databases.

Rob Robinson Receives Digital Counties AwardOur web site was re-designed this FY with many added features that accomplished our primary goal – make Forsyth County information readily available to the citizens we serve!

A performance tool called “County Measures” was developed to allow departments to enter monthly data online via the Intranet. Various tools provide a wide variety of reporting tools to help with data analysis. Data is immediately available for viewing and analyzing by supervisors, department administrators, and the County Manager’s Office.

As well, MIS has deployed an online Vacancy Review system this last year to simply track and document requests to fill vacant positions.

For all these reasons and more, we are proud to recognize our MIS Department as being chosen by NACo to receive a Digital County Award. Congratulations to Rob Robinson and his staff for all they do!

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