• By Mara Lynn Newman
  • Posted Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Use Your PC to Travel Around the World

Global Road Warrior is the newest online resource available free to Forsyth County Public Library customers. This database answers the practical questions about travel to countries of the world.

  • How much do I tip in Bolivia?
  • How do I greet someone in Mali?
  • What is typical family life like in Japan?
  • Is punctuality important in Russia?

Planning a trip to another country? If so, part of your planning should include a visit to Global Road Warrior. Global Road Warrior presents practical information on 175 different countries, information that will let you get the most out of your trip. Get the tips on the native language or what to expect for voltage conversion if you take your curling iron!

Studying the world’s cultures, continents, or climates? Go to an authoritative source for accuracy and write your report with confidence.

Practically anything you need to know about travel to or current conditions in another country can be found with Global Road Warrior. It’s the latest, smartest way to take an international trip. Try it out today.

You’ll find Global Road Warrior added to the valuable list of Online Resources on our website. Your passport to the world begins with Global Road Warrior and your FCPL Library Card!

For more perspective on the countries of the world, search CultureGrams, also through Online Resources. With a single keyword entry in MultiSearch, you can search our catalog and find books and articles at the same time for any topic. MasterFILE, included in MultiSearch, contains leading newspapers and magazines from around the world, many in foreign languages. When you have questions about using Online Resources, call the Information Services Desk at 703-3020 during open hours or email us through Ask your Librarian anytime.

Look to your Library for a complete world view!

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