• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Monday, April 19, 2010

Gardening Programs for April 19-22

This week the emphasis is on four different programs as we enter into the heart of our schedule. Small chicken flocks of 5-10 birds are becoming increasingly popular to provide fresh meat and eggs. The Backyard Chickens program is a lecture that will explore different varieties of chickens and their purposes, poultry nutrition, housing and predator prevention. In Growing Roses you will learn the basics of growing roses in your existing landscape. Fertility, pruning and general rose care will all be covered. In Container Gardening learn the options for people in apartments or with limited garden space. Containers can be moved to different locations to give a color splash in a special place. Find out what plants grow well in containers and what kind of containers to use. From Trash to Treasure will teach you to reuse those things you’ve held onto for a future purpose. Did you know rulers could be turned into kids chairs, or sides of soda cans into earrings? This program will cover ways to turn trash into something useful. Call 703-2867 to register for any of these free programs.

Backyard Chickens, Tuesday, April 20th at 1:00 pm - Malloy/Jordan EWHC
Organic Gardening, Tuesday, April 20th at 6:30 pm - Kernersville
Growing Roses, Tuesday, April 20th at 6:30 pm - Southside
Container Gardening, Thursday, April 22nd at 11:00 am - Carver
From Trash to Treasure, Thursday, April 22nd at 4:00 pm - Rural Hall

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