• By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FCSO Fatal Vision® Teen Driving Program

In January of 2010, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office launched a new safety program for teens. Named “Fatal Vision®”, the program is designed to teach teen drivers the perils of driving while impaired.

The most vivid way to teach the impairing effects of alcohol and drugs is to allow participants the opportunity to experience what impairment feels like. Fatal Vision® provides an opportunity to help people realize in a dramatic way that impaired vision is fatal vision.

The FCSO Fatal Vision® program involves both a classroom session and a practical exercise in which participants drive a golf cart through a prescribed course while wearing special goggles that distort operator vision and driver reactions. This is not a computer generated driving simulation; it is a real time, hands on, driving experience in a specially outfitted golf cart. The cart is equipped with dual controls so the instructor can maintain overall control of the cart at all times.

These activities present a great opportunity to work in messages about how impairment affects us in everything we do and to constantly stress the potential deadly consequences of impairment.

The FCSO Fatal Vision® program is available to all Forsyth County schools, church groups, civic organizations, scouting programs, and other organizations involving teen activities.

For further information, or to schedule a Fatal Vision® event for your group or organization, please contact Cpl. Charles Sayers at 917-7301.

Fatal Vision

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