• By MacLeod
  • Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stand Up and Be Counted!

A Census Form will be mailed to you in March.
Forsyth County can't move forward until you mail it back!

April 1, 2010, may be the single most important day to the city and county budgets for the next ten years. Why? Because the census count affects how more than $400 billion in federal funds are distributed to tribal, state, and local governments each year. The federal government disperses approximately $1350 per person each year to local governments and the state government in North Carolina. The higher count we get, the greater funding allocation we’ll receive and the greater investment we’ll see in our community.

By filling out your Census form this March, you’ll ensure that your city and county are fairly represented and many of the taxes you pay will be spent where you live.

To make sure our population is accurately reflected, City-County Planning staff is helping coordinate Winston-Salem/Forsyth County’s joint Complete Count Committee in preparation for Census Day. The committee’s goal is to make sure every single person who resides in Forsyth County receives and fills out a census form.

Here are some examples of how:

The federal government uses Census data to allocated funds for:

  • School District Grants
  • Road Construction
  • Head Start Programs
  • Elderly Programs
  • Public Transportation
  • Community Revitalization & Housing Grants

The state government uses population data to allocate funds for:

  • Street Maintenance
  • Street-Collected Revenues that are shared with local governments

Census data is used by the private sector to:

  • Determine locations for grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.
  • Research property values for potential homeowners
  • Determine where jobs are needed

Be counted! Complete a 2010 Census Form!

Learn more about the 2010 census.

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