• By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Employee of the Month

The individual selected as EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH for December, 2009 has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office since December of 1994. Congratulations to Deputy Robert Bethea.

Deputy Bethea is currently assigned to the Electronic House Arrest Monitoring Unit that supervises pre-trial inmates released from the Detention Center. This year the Electronic House Arrest Unit switched from a radio frequency monitoring system to a Global Positioning Satellite system to track inmates. Deputy Bethea was instrumental in the successful implementation of this new system.

Deputy Bethea worked diligently in learning this new method of tracking and managing Electronic House Arrest defendants. Because of his efforts, he aided in the development of procedures that may be implemented by other agencies in the future. There were many times that Deputy Bethea had to work overtime and limit his personal time off. During this time, he displayed nothing less than a positive attitude.

Based on his positive attitude toward his job and his abilities to perform his duties on a professional level, the Selection Board proudly names Deputy Robert Bethea as Employee of the Month for December, 2009.

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