• By Gary Key
  • Posted Friday, July 10, 2009

Be Part of the Green Solution!

Forsyth County is issuing a challenge to residents and employees to “change the world” and “drive smarter” as part of the National Association of Counties (NACo) annual Green County Competitions. This is a great opportunity to save money and do something great for the environment. Pledge collections for both competitions will be taken through November 30th.

The Change the World campaign is an energy efficiency campaign in which counties collect pledges from county employees and residents to not only change a light in their home to an energy efficient one, but to also take other actions to save energy. Energy-saving actions could include power managing computers, choosing ENERGY STAR appliances, and properly programming home thermostats. Simply click on this link to take the challenge and do your part for a cleaner environment AND to save money.

The Drive $marter Challenge is a fuel-efficiency campaign to help reduce fuel use by driving smarter. The campaign offers effective money- and gas-saving tips in English and Spanish and extensive additional resources – all aimed at keeping more money in drivers’ pockets and reducing the number of costly trips to the pump, while reducing emissions which compromise a healthy environment. The Drive $marter Challenge can be found at: www.drivesmarterchallenge.org. Additional tips for reducing your transportation costs can be found at www.triadair.org.

Take the challenges and be part of the Green solution. You’ll save money and help reduce our contribution to global pollution; resulting in a cleaner environment and a better quality of life for all Forsyth County families.

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