• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Monday, April 20, 2009

NC Room Rolls Out Expanded Web Presence

Genealogists, local history buffs and anyone who loves the Library will enjoy the expanded web presence of the North Carolina Room on our website. The additional pages offer more information on the NC Room as well as its extensive collection of materials and resources. NC Room librarian Audra Eagle explains more in a brief interview below.

Q. Right off the bat, give a rundown of the new features of the website.
The new North Carolina Room page offers up-to-the-minute information about our collection, events, and featured resources from our department. I would encourage everyone to make sure to check out Online Resources under “The Collection” to view our staff recommended links about genealogy, local history, and more!

Q. Getting into genealogy can be intimidating to some people but I’ve noticed the new site makes mention of a “starter kit” for beginning genealogists. What exactly will this “starter kit” allow newcomers to do?
We have had a Genealogy Starter Kit for a few years but have only recently updated it with new online resources and more information about the process of starting research on your family history. Our Starter Kit shows you where and how to get started, and it also includes a family tree that you can fill out. You can print out PDF’s right from our website!

Q. Although there is much information about genealogy included in the site there also appears to be a wealth of information and resources that someone who is not necessarily into genealogy would also enjoy.
The North Carolina Room is your home for information about state and local history, family history, government and law, and local culture. We have a lot to offer besides help with genealogy. We also help local historians, people researching state laws, government history, regional culture, and much more. Consider us the place for almost everything on North Carolina and government documents!

Q. What is the overall goal of this page? Will it continue to grow with additional resources? Will it be driven by customer comments? In other words, why would someone want o visit this page regularly?
Our website is a place to find out about our collection and how to use our resources, but it is also a blog (or online newsletter) where you can learn about new discoveries, coming events, department changes, great online resources, and much more. Check back often for updates or subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed if you have a feed reader!

Click here to visit the new NC Room web pages.

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