• By Dave
  • Posted Thursday, March 5, 2009

African Odyssey Exhibit at SciWorks!

African Odyssey View a Slideshow of the Exhibit

African OdysseyThrough artifacts from the Museum of Anthropology at WFU, visitors to SciWorks can explore the art, culture, science, math and technology of various peoples across the continent of Africa.

African Odyssey takes a close look at objects from all parts of African daily life. Objects on display include excellent examples of dress, adornment, and personal gear – many with beautiful beadwork; ceremonial items; tools and weapons; masks; and power figures that serve as intermediaries between the living and the dead. There are also items from SciWorks own collection – tools and fossilized animals that came from the Olduvai Gorge and date back 1.8 million years.

For children, there are lots of hands-on activities. Musical instruments; games, sand art; a puzzle map of Africa; a dress up area; and a market place area where children can shop for fruits and vegetables.

African Odyssey will be at SciWorks from February 14 – August 29, 2009. SciWorks is located on Hanes Mill Road just off University Parkway or Highway 52. SciWorks is open from 10am – 4pm, Monday - Friday and 11am – 5pm on Saturday. SciWorks is closed on Sundays. Visit the SciWorks website for more information.

View a Slideshow of the Exhibit

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