• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Friday, February 20, 2009

Need info. and referral? Look to FIRST Line!

FIRST Line, a program of the Forsyth County Public Library, welcomes you to the very best place to find human resource and referral information in Forsyth County. The comprehensive information and referral database FIRST Line staff use to link callers to the right resource is now available on the web at www.firstline.ws. Find information fast, searching by agency or program name, keyword or category of service.

Looking for quick, accurate help when you need information on human services can sometimes be a little trying. Finding the right organization to answer your questions can be a maze when you don’t have the time or patience to search a phone book and make one call after another. Fortunately there exists a much better alternative for getting the information you need quickly and efficiently through Forsyth County Public Library’s FIRST Line service.

FIRST Line improves access to information and services for residents to Forsyth County by:

  • Linking over 1,200 callers and walk-ins to services each month
  • Providing easy, online access to information at www.firstline.ws
  • Publishing the Directory of Community Resources, the Job Seekers Guide and brochures such as Community Health Resources and Support groups
  • Maintaining a comprehensive list of churches and civic groups (available on www.firstline.ws or by calling 336 703-3000)
  • Conducting community outreach and resource training to inform the community about available services

What kind of resource information is included in FIRST Line Online?
FIRST Line provides information on non-profit organizations, which provide services in health, welfare, support, recreation, education, or advocacy organizations including:

  • Local, state and federal government agencies, which provide services in the area of health, welfare, recreation, education
  • Civic groups, faith-based organizations, professional associations and community groups, which offer services to the community
  • Support groups
  • Elected Representatives – local, state and federal

Does FIRST Line Online have the same information that is included in the Directory of Community Resources?
Yes, and more! The 2008 Directory of Community Resources excludes most for-profit organizations due to space limitations.

How can I get information about an agency or program included in FIRST Line Online?
Detailed information about agency or program operation must be submitted for evaluation by FIRST Line Staff. FIRST Line also provides publications from many community organizations including the following:

  • Forsyth County churches including addresses and phone numbers
  • Community health clinics in Winston-Salem
  • Support groups in Forsyth County
  • Unemployment Resource Guide
  • Youth/Teen resources in Forsyth County
  • Forsyth County elected officials
  • Municipal elected officials

Looking for adult care facilities in Forsyth County? FIRST Line has a list of resources to help you find the right care for your loved one including:

  • Adult care facilities with fewer than six beds
  • Adult care facilities with more than six beds
  • Adult day care facilities
  • Nursing facilities

FIRST Line can be reached at 336-703-3000.

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