• By Kelly Nash
  • Posted Sunday, February 15, 2009

Neighborhood Canvassing to Begin

Officers of the Forsyth County Department of Animal Control will be canvassing neighborhoods conducting a survey of licensed and vaccinated pets. The canvassers will be providing resource information to enable pet owners to gain compliance.

In 2008 Forsyth County had 31 rabies cases test positive which is more than double the average number of cases seen in the last four years.

Because so many people live close to wildlife, it is important to keep dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies. Vaccinated pets act as a buffer between people and wild animals. Avoid any physical contact with unfamiliar dogs and cats. Make sure your own pets have up-to-date licenses and rabies vaccinations, If your pet comes in contact with a wild animal, or if you are bitten by someone’s pet, the Animal Control Department at 336-703-2490 immediately.

Forsyth County is also conducting a Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic to address the issue.
Date:April 25, 2009
Time: 12:00 – 3:00 PM
Location: Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
Cost: $5.00 for each pet.
Each year over 3,000 dogs and cats are turned over to the Forsyth County Animal Shelter by their owners/custodians. One out of three of these pets will be a puppy or kitten. The leading animal welfare organizations in the country have determined that spaying and neutering is a fundamental element of responsible pet ownership and the key to reducing the number of unwanted pets.

Beginning February 1, 2009, and continuing through April 30, 2009, Forsyth County Animal Control and the Forsyth County Spay Neuter Clinic, as partners, will launch a pilot program offering discount certificates available to anyone who adopts or redeems a pet, or have adopted or redeemed a pet from our facility within the last year. These certificates discount 30% of the spay/neuter fee and will be offered for all unaltered pets currently living in their home. Certificates will be valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Forsyth County Code 6-10 – requires both cats and dogs to be registered with Forsyth County Animal Control. Licensing fees are $5 for an altered pet, $25 for unaltered dogs and cats. Spaying and neutering our pets has many benefits. In addition to reduced licensing fees, altered pets are less likely to roam. It can curtail aggression, reduce unwanted marking and increase our pet’s ability to lead a calm and healthy life.

Those interested in obtaining a certificate should contact Forsyth County Animal Control at 336-703-2480.

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