• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Books Alive Program

Stories will again come alive at the Lewisville Library when Kay Smitherman demonstrates how kids can act out their favorite book. Children in K-3rd grade are encouraged to gather the last Saturday of each month from 10:30 - 11:30 AM at Lewisville Library. Each session starts at 10:30 AM with a two-minute "actor's warm-up," followed by reading the book-of-the-month, where kids will then get on their feet and learn by doing.

"Our hope is to encourage children to take what they read and act it out or apply it in some way to everyday life," says Smitherman. "And the biggest hope is to get them hooked on library visits and books, and become familiar with where to find books on the shelves."


February 28 - Scientists on Stage - featuring George Washington Carver and his amazing peanuts

March 28 - The Secret Garden - plant the garden, BE the garden

April 25 - Poesy Poses - Our annual celebration of National Poetry Month!

May 30 - Memorial Day - History, poppies and memories of your ancestors. Ask your parents! I'll bring the cannonball.

June 27 - Lazy Days Charades - We'll act out book titles and famous characters.

July 25 - BEACH TRIP! Be ready for imaginary surf and sand! Look out for sharks!

August 29 - Dog Days - Carl, Dogku, and Biscuit keep us busy!

September 26 - School's In - Acting Grammar? You bet, with Ruth Heller's fabulous rhymes.

October 31 - It's Halloween! We'll be in Hot Pursuit of costumed creatures. Wear your own or borrow ours.

November 28 - Turkey Relief

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