Volunteers are a major driving force behind many programs offered by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Forsyth County Center. Their outreach efforts spread extension educational programs far beyond what staff could accomplish alone. We are especially grateful for the dedicated support of our volunteers..

Whatever your skills and time constraints are, there is a place for you! We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities including educating youth, serving on committees, and planting and maintaining gardens.

4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Youth Development programs in Forsyth County are fun & educational programs for youth ages 5-18. Our 4-H Volunteers dedicate their time and passion to educating youth in several of different ways, and you can too! We invite you to be a 4-H Volunteer, regardless of whether you have children enrolled in 4-H or not. There are opportunities to work directly with children or work “behind the scenes” with 4-H programs. It all depends on your interests and talents. Learn more about Forsyth County 4-H Volunteer Opportunities. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about being a 4-H Volunteer. Contact the 4-H program at 4h@forsyth.cc to learn more about the youth programs and enroll your children in Forsyth County 4-H.

NC State Extension Master GardenerSM Volunteer Program of Forsyth County

The NC State Extension Master Gardener SM Volunteer Program of Forsyth County is a program that helps support horticulture education in Forsyth County. It is a national program of trained volunteers who work in partnership with the local Cooperative Extension office to extend information throughout the county. NC State Master GardenerSM (EMG) volunteers provide leadership and service to their community through gardening activities. To be certified as an Extension Master Gardener volunteer, you will complete an initial training course and volunteer and education hours, determined by the administrators of the EMG volunteer program of Forsyth County. We typically hold one training course each year, and the application is open for a certain period of time prior to the course. If you are interested in learning more about the EMG volunteer program, send us an email..

Forsyth County Community Gardens

Forsyth County Community Gardening’s mission is to support residents in establishing and sustaining community gardens, primarily by developing local leaders’ skills in community organizing and sustainable horticulture. By growing gardens and garden leaders, we seek to improve residents’ access to fresh produce and nutrition, enhance environmental quality, provide outdoor educational opportunities for all ages, and promote social well-being. To accomplish our mission, Forsyth County Community Gardening offers educational programs, networking opportunities, and other resources to current and aspiring community gardens and groups.

To learn more about the community gardening program, contact the Community Gardening Coordinator


Extension Master Food Volunteer Program

The Extension Master Food Volunteer (EMFV) program is designed to engage residents in food and nutrition programming in their community to further expand the reach of N.C. Cooperative Extension. The EMFV program utilizes Family & Consumer Science (FCS) agents who train volunteers to support their food and nutrition programming and promote local food. This relationship builds their capacity to deliver high-quality, evidence-based interventions. Volunteers work closely with their supervising FCS agent to deliver Cooperative Extension nutrition education and cooking programs, such as Steps to Health, Faithful Families, Cook Smart Eat Smart, and Med Instead of Meds. In addition, volunteers assist with community-based programs and outreach, including food preservation classes, lunch n’ learn workshops, cooking demonstrations at community locations (such as farmers’ markets and food pantries), kids cooking camps, and community health fairs.

To learn more about the Extension Master Food Volunteer program, contact the Family & Consumer Science, Food & Nutrition Agent.

Extension & Community Association

The Forsyth County Extension and Community Association (ECA) is comprised of multiple clubs throughout the county. Members of our ECA organization volunteer in many capacities to enhance their club, county, and community. The purpose of this organization is to promote education through programs that encourage and assist members in achieving higher standards of family living, homemaking, community service, and citizenship. Examples of recent volunteer projects initiated by the ECA members include making lap blankets for senior centers, a hospital art project, making therapeutic pillows for cardiac patients, and making caps and dolls for children in area hospitals. Our ECA clubs are always seeking new and diverse adult members to join in and bring innovative ideas to how we may serve the communities we live in. Learn more about the Forsyth County ECA. .

Other Opportunities

EDUCATIONAL EVENT VOLUNTEERS (on call): Throughout the year we have educational events for various grade levels and adult learners. We are always in need of presenters, timekeepers, chaperones, photographers, and planners. To learn more about these opportunities or to sign-up to be “on-call”, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator. .

ADVISORY COMMITTEES: Advisory leaders are a key component of our volunteer force. In Forsyth County, we rely on more than 240 county advisors to tell us the needs and issues that our programs should address. Each Cooperative Extension Agent works with an advisory committee to help plan, implement, and evaluate programs. Advisory Committee members To volunteer in an advisory committee, contact the County Extension Director or an Extension Agent directly.

Not Sure What Best Fits You?

Give us a call or send us an email, and we will figure out where you belong in our volunteer programs. There’s a spot for everyone, especially you. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator today!

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