May Enforcement Staff Member of the Month

  • By Robin Brown
  • Posted Friday, June 11, 2021

Sergeant P. Stringer was assisting a fellow deputy in locating a male subject who was suicidal. The subject had contacted his girlfriend by phone describing his intentions to harm himself. He is a heroin addict and had previously discussed committing suicide to her. Prior to the subject disconnecting the call, he discharged a firearm. After his girlfriend was unable to get him back on the line, she called 911 fearing he had shot himself. When deputies arrived at his residence, a search of the home was conducted but the subject was not located inside. His girlfriend arrived at the residence and provided vehicle information for her boyfriend, which was no longer at the residence. Deputies circulated the area that had been identified by the cell phone towers to look for the vehicle but were unsuccessful. However, Sergeant Stringer pulled into a restaurant parking lot that was near the location provided by the cell phone towers. Sergeant Stringer noticed the vehicle was parked in front of the restaurant so he pulled in behind it. As he approached the driver’s window, he saw the subject typing a text message. The window was down and Sergeant Stringer began speaking to him. The subject told Sergeant Stringer that he was planning to end his life. Sergeant Stringer asked where the gun was. The subject responded by telling him it was in the driver’s side door storage compartment (which was easily within his reach). Sergeant Stringer had the courage and forethought to reach inside the vehicle and take ahold of both hands of the subject. Sergeant Stringer pulled the subject’s hands outside the window of the vehicle and held this position until back up units arrived to assist. After the subject was in custody, a .45 caliber pistol was recovered in the driver’s side door just as the subject stated. The pistol was loaded with one bullet in the chamber. The subject stated he was sending one final text message when Sergeant Stringer approached him. The subject further stated that he should have went ahead and taken his life. The subject was taken to Forsyth Hospital for medical treatment. Sergeant Stringer displayed courage and employed lifesaving action to save this subject from fatally harming himself. Sergeant Stringer placed himself in a very dangerous situation to save the life of someone else. For this reason, Sergeant Stringer has been selected as Staff Member of the Month for his service and commitment to this county.