January Enforcement Staff Member of the Month

  • By Robin Brown
  • Posted Friday, February 21, 2020

On January 24, 2020, Deputy Lujano was working off-duty security in a restaurant when he was advised by management that a shooting had just occurred in the mall parking lot. Deputy Lujano obtained a description of the shooter then circulated through the parking lot in an attempt to locate the subject. As Deputy Lujano returned to his off-duty location, he observed a subject fitting the description, standing near a door to a business attempting to go unnoticed by talking on the phone. Deputy Lujano made an effort to engage in conversation but the subject ignored Deputy Lujano’s effort and remained on his phone. Since the subject matched the description of the shooter, Deputy Lujano asked if he could pat the subject down for a possible weapon. As Deputy Lujano searched the waistband of the subject’s pants, he felt the handle of a pistol. At this time, the subject dropped his cell phone and placed his hand on Deputy Lujano’s hand. Deputy Lujano placed the subject against the wall and several other officers rushed to assist in safely securing the subject. Deputy Lujano retrieved a gun from the subject’s waistband. The Winston-Salem Police Department took custody of the subject for further investigation. Due to Deputy Lujano’s initiative to look for the subject, instead of just ignoring an incident that did not directly involve him, the shooter was quickly apprehended. Deputy Lujano’s actions speak volumes about his care and concern for the citizens of Forsyth County. Deputy Lujano embodies our agency's vision and desire to work together to help those in need regardless of their surroundings.