March Civilian Staff Member of the Month

  • By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Friday, May 13, 2016

Ms. Howell has been employed as the Sheriff’s Accreditation Specialist since May 11th, 2015. The Accreditation Office was vacant for over 3 months when she started. Over the past 10 months Ms. Howell has worked diligently to prepare our agency for an on-site assessment by CALEA. Ms. Howell was not familiar with CALEA when she accepted the position but thanks to her hard work she was able to successfully guide our agency through a third accreditation cycle last month. Not only has she worked on the accreditation process but she has revised numerous policies to ensure they are compliant with CALEA standards.

During and after the assessment, both CALEA assessors had great things to say about Ms. Howell. Mr. Schultz complimented on how professional and thorough she was in her duties and couldn’t believe she’s only been involved with CALEA for less than a year. Mr. Boyer commented the FCSO "was lucky to have her working for us and he enjoyed going through the CALEA process with her." The comments made by the assessors and the work done by Ms. Howell reflect well on the agency. In the month of March, Ms. Howell has worked many long days, weekends and from home to accomplish agency goals.