The Triad Park concept was first proposed in 1966. A unique partnership between Forsyth County, Guilford County and the State of N.C. to develop a 6,000-acre park located between Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point. Financing the park land acquisition was not approved in 1968, and land for the new regional park was not acquired. Many years later in 1988, Guilford County voters approved a bond referendum for land acquisition (1.5 million) and in 1989, Forsyth County voters also approved matching bond funds.

The partnership between the counties was unique in that each county contributed matching dollars for a common goal of acquiring, developing and operating the new Triad Park. By December 1993, 414 acres of land were bought. In 1994, a master plan was prepared and approved by both Forsyth and Guilford County Commissioners.

Triad Park is a reality because both Boards of County Commissioners had the forethought to offer the citizens an opportunity to vote for park bond funds and the people approved. Leaders of all the communities lent their time, vision, and expertise to the project.

"Triadism", a regional concern, is a reality with Triad Park, the flagship of cooperation and dedication showing the best of what communities can do when they work together for the common good.

The majority of funding of Triad Park comes from Forsyth and Guilford County Funds. We have been fortunate to also receive State of N.C. grant funds (Parks and Recreation Trust Funds) to help with development too. We have received donations from "A Cleaner World" ($25,000) for trees, Abee Seed Company (Farmers Market) donations for daffodils, Boy and Girl Scouts have donated their time to help with park projects, local High School volunteers have completed maintenance projects, the Audubon Society has built bird houses and maintenance, etc. We welcome other additional partnerships and other organizations or individuals.

For more information on Triad Park, please call (336)703-2500.