Main phone number: (336) 703-703-3100 or (336) 703-3200

The Well Child Clinic provides preventative health services to children from birth up to 20 years of age. Child examinations are performed by a Child Health Enhanced Role Nurse. This program provides services to children and teens such as school health physicals (all grades including Kindergarten), well child preventive care and screening, and immunizations.

Who is Eligible

We offer services to all children ages Birth to 20 years of age who are residents of Forsyth County. Children and teens with Medicaid, non-Medicaid, non- insurance, low income and no income may attend this clinic.


A sliding fee scale is used to determine charges. Payment is determined by family size and income. Income documents are required such as: paycheck stub, W-2 forms, and unemployment benefits.


Appointments are required. Please call: (336) 703-3100 or (703) 703-3200 to schedule an appointment.


Forsyth County Health Department, Clinic 3

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