To be a bridge of support between congregations and the needs of children and families in Forsyth County.

Mission Focus:

  • Identifying and supporting families in congregations who are or may be interested in becoming foster/adoptive families
  • Helping to meet the needs of children and families served by Forsyth County Department of Social Service (FCDSS) and Youth in Transition (YIT)
  • Supporting foster parents and relatives who care for Forsyth County’s children in foster care
  • Educating Congregations about the needs of children and families impacted by foster care

Organizations involved in OCOC:

  • Forsyth County DSS
  • RAPP Program
  • YIT – a community initiative working to improve supports for teens in care and extending those supports until they turn 26
  • E.A.C.H. Foundation – a local Christian organization dedicated to helping children in foster care

Member Congregations Commit to:

  • Recruit a lay person to be coordinator and contact between congregation and OCOC
  • Sponsor and host one or more outreach or educational program during the year
  • Provide space for an information center, hard copies and online where appropriate, at your location
  • Keep the message about needs of children and families before the congregation throughout the year

Role of the Lay Coordinator:

  • Serve as liaison between congregation and OCOC
  • Articulate the program or project to members throughout the year
  • Coordinate one program during the year
  • Coordinate the resource center
  • Attend quarterly coordinator meetings

OCOC commitments to member congregations:

  • Train and support coordinators
  • Provide all printed materials for the resource center and other publications
  • Provide program speakers as requested
  • Coordinate and host quarterly meetings for coordinators and clergy
  • Provide platter of options detailing the different ways congregations and individuals can support
  • Provide special recognition for member congregations

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